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First Installment of New Fine Art Releases in 2024

Have you ever thought about the important ways in which art influences society? For me, art has always been a mirror reflecting the essence of the world around us: the beauty, the conflict, the hope.

Art serves as a catalyst for change and a source of inspiration, but more than anything, as artists, art is a way of sharing with society our points of view.

In a time when cultural trends evolve at a breakneck pace on social media, reflecting on the role of art is so important.

For an artist, it is always momentous to announce the release of a new collection, and I am so thrilled by the release of my latest limited edition print series. This will be the first installment of new releases in 2024.

This collection, consisting of nine images, are currently on display at the Galleria D’Italia in Turin, Italy, and will be on exhibition in Chicago at the Hilton Contemporary Gallery starting July 12th.


Art and creativity are an engine for change, connecting us to places and people all around the world and giving the artist an opportunity to express ideas. I do this through the creation of visual narratives- by telling stories about the natural world through my images.

My aim is to ignite curiosity, wonder, and a sense of responsibility towards our planet. I have always dreamed of a vibrant and flourishing world, not just for us, but for all life on this planet.

Through photography, I strive to encapsulate the beauty and significance of that life, fostering a deeper understanding of the urgent need for scientific understanding and conservation efforts. We respect life by fighting for it.

So much has changed in the world since I began my career thirty years ago. We weren’t talking about issues like climate change and the importance of Indigenous knowledge in healing our planet. I am immensely proud to be a part of a group of artists from around the world who are now telling these stories.

From challenging societal norms to amplifying marginalized voices, artists wield their creative power to provoke thought and evoke emotions, steering the course of cultural evolution.

In this series, you'll encounter a tapestry of themes and narratives that mirror the multifaceted nature of our society. Reflections of environmental stewardship and celebrations of cultural diversity, each image serves as a visual testament to the many facets of the human experience.


In the ever-shifting whirlpool of cultural trends, art remains a steadfast beacon of human creativity and contemplation. I'm delighted to present this series as a testament to the enduring power of artistic expression in shaping our world. As we navigate the currents of change, art provides us with a sense of continuity and connection.


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