I get hundreds of emails from people all around the world who care about our planet, who are worried about how rapidly nature is being degraded, and who want to do something to help.  Here are a couple of suggestions that hopefully will inspire you.

Start with something small

Become as much of a vegetarian as you can.  Eat local, eat plant-based, eat organic.  Yes, sometimes avoiding meat is difficult, but choosing less meat, will do a lot to stave deforestation and climate change.

Speak up at the dinner table.  It is not that people don't care, they simply don't know.  Explain why ordering the beef is making climate change worse; why ordering the farmed salmon is poisoning the wild coast of Chile and British Columbia; why ordering the tuna is denuding our oceans of wildlife.  I hate being that obnoxious guest, but someone has to say something!

Donate to a charity that is doing the kind of work you believe in.  For every issue on our planet, there is a wonderful charity doing something about it.  Want to learn more about why empowering charity is vital to our planet?  Watch this TED talk.

Donate generously and donate often.  It is the best way to create change.  Here is a list of charities I donate to:

SeaLegacy.  Almost 50% of everything I make goes back to the non profit society I founded with my partner, Paul Nicklen.  He also donates generously to support the vision we have of our oceans.

GirlUp is one of my favorite charities for empowering women and girls.

Conservation International and the WILD Foundation are two of the organizations I have supported for years,.  In fact, I sit on the Chairman's Council of CI and on the board of directors of Wild.

Vote!!  Donald Trump didn't get elected by a majority, because the majority didn't show up at the polls.  If you care about our planet, vote for candidates that share the kind of values that will protect it into the future.