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HOPE is more than a book.

It is the embodiment of our planet’s resilience and humanity’s connection to nature.  For decades, as a photographer and marine biologist, I have traveled the globe to capture the beauty of our world’s biodiversity and the wisdom of those who honour and respect its ancient balance.

This artistic manifesto delicately weaves my own personal narrative with meaningful visual stories from a journey spanning over 130 countries and every continent. Through lens and candid prose, we explore the beauty of an interconnected world: the majesty of a whale surfacing to catch its breath, the wise power of Madagascar’s baobabs, and the extraordinary resilience of people like the Kayapó fighting to save the Amazon rainforest.

CGM_Madagascar_27075 copy.jpg
Photo Credit: Alan Silfen

Hope does not need to be merely a passive wish, it can be an active force to propel us forward, fueling our determination to defy the odds and carve our own destiny. It’s the flicker of possibility that dances in our hearts, reminding us that even when facing challenging circumstances, there exists the potential for inspiration and renewal. I am honored to join Cristina as she shares her remarkable and important work with the world.”

-Robert Redford

Hope's foreword will be written by Robert Redford

HOPE is a universal hymn that reminds us that we all are part of the same humanity and that, despite everything that separates us and divides us, we have, deep within us, the desire for communion, peace, and harmony.

Across all cultures, stories and narratives, humans have always woven tales of HOPE.

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