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Canvas of the Omo

Join me in the launch of my New Limited Edition Prints, capturing culture and nature across Ethiopia’s Omo River Valley

It is with immense excitement that I share my recent journey to Ethiopia's Omo Valley, where I was deeply moved by the diverse cultures, breathtaking landscapes, and the unique connection between its people and their environment.

As an artist, I am thrilled to finally share with you my new Omo Valley art Collection—a visual testament to the vibrant cultures, mesmerizing traditions, and the profound connection to nature that characterize this region.

This collection invites you to explore the heart of the Omo Valley and the myriad tribes who live there.

I spent days photographing the intricate body paint and captivating ceremonies of the Suri people, one of the first cultural groups I had the privilege of spending time with in the heart of the lower Omo Valley.

Each photograph encapsulates the intensity and raw beauty of their rituals and dances, which are deeply intertwined with the natural world.

Beauty and resilience radiate from a young girl from the Suri Tribe in Ethiopia's Omo Valley, adorned in a magnificent headdress crafted from wildflowers.

I loved how even the sunlight seemed to be part of this young Suri girl’s colorful ensemble of seed pods, leaves, wild tomatoes, and other natural elements from the Omo Valley’s landscape.

The Suri people are one of the many Omo Valley tribes that embrace their cultural traditions, passing down ancestral knowledge and wisdom, finding a deep sense of identity and fulfillment in their unique heritage.

I had to hold back laughter when a line of Suri men turned to show off their body paint, giving the smallest member of their group the chance to seize his spotlight.


I also had the opportunity to witness the remarkable traditions of the Karo people, where rhythms of nature played a central role in their way of life.. Through the portraits I took, I strived to convey the pride and grace with which they embrace their cultural heritage while respecting the environment that sustains them.

Night falls on the Omo Valley, chasing the last embers of the setting sun as a herd of goats stamps plumes of dust into the air.


Journey with me to the banks of the Omo River and marvel at the Valley's breathtaking landscapes, from the lush riverbanks to the arid expanses. These photographs aim to capture the striking contrast between the region's natural beauty and the cultural richness that thrives within it, showcasing the delicate balance between humanity and the environment.

A small rowboat sets out across the pearly surface of one of Omo Valley's many lakes, suspended on the blurred line between water and overcast sky. The boat's sole occupant dips his oars and the quiet splash of each paddle echoes back to the shore.

A skeletal row of trees reach toward the pillowy clouds above like stitches coming apart at the seam between sky and water.


Thank you for being part of our artistic journey. These images celebrate the ancient and time honored connections between the people of the Omo Valley and the environment they call home—a celebration of beauty, diversity, and the rich tapestry of human culture.


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