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Rediscovering Timeless Moments

Unveiling New Photographic Art Selections

I'm thrilled to unveil a curated selection of fine art pieces, photos which span across my career and have helped shape me as an artist. I periodically delve into my archives, reviving forgotten treasures through these new releases.

Alley of Giants, 2009

As I watched the sun set over western Madagascar’s iconic “Alley of the Baobabs,” the fading light casting warm shadows on the rain-soaked earth, I felt both a deep sense of serenity and melancholy.

These new releases showcase some of my diverse travels and photography methods, from aerial photography to landscapes and portraits. Some of these were even preserved in slides from the nascence of my career, back when the task of getting an image from your camera onto paper was as laborious as it was time-consuming. Looking back on some of these photos reminds me of a different time in the world of photography and makes me all the more grateful for how far technology has advanced since.

Sails to the Sandbank, 2009

Regardless of the method used to capture these moments, the process of creativity and learning has always been a source of immense joy for me, and I hope to share that with you.


New or old, there's something truly magical about rediscovering moments captured through the lens, hidden away in the depths of time.

The decision to reproduce these images as fine art is driven by a desire to share the beauty of these timeless moments with you anew.

They represent a small part of my journey as a photographer and artist, and it is my hope you can appreciate them as much as I have.

Big Eyes, 2023

The islands of French Polynesia are flooded with marine life, from prowling reef sharks to giant congregations of spawning grouper to schools of jack with their red scales flashing against the deep blue backdrop.

Like previous collections, these releases are limited edition. Owning one of these artworks means becoming part of a select group of art enthusiasts who appreciate the rarity and significance of these moments, new and rediscovered alike.

Feathers, 2006

A young Enga boy wearing a headdress fashioned from dyed chicken feathers waits for his turn to participate in the Mount Hagen Sing-sing, a much anticipated annual celebration for the highland cultures of Papua New Guinea.

Rice Paddy I
Rice Paddy II

Rice paddy farming in Madagascar is a vital component of the country's agricultural landscape, economy, and culture. Efforts are ongoing to address the challenges faced by rice farmers and to ensure food security for the nation.


Join me on this journey of rediscovery, exploring the past through the lens of the present. Despite the long passage of time, advancements in technology and changes in my personal style and skill, the timelessness of these unseen photographs are a testament to the power of visual storytelling.

Ice Crown, 2023

As the summer returns, bringing the pale light off the midnight sun, the ice breaks apart, and intricate ice sculptures like this one slip into the sea.

Thank you for being part of this artistic journey. I look forward to sharing these timeless moments with you and the world.


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