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Big Shot


Qaanaaq, Greenland

Archival Pigment Print
Edition of 6: 20” x 30” (50.8 x 76.2cm)
Edition of 6: 32” x 48” (81.3 x 121.9cm)

Nothing prepares you for the first time you see the frozen landscape that is Greenland. The Inuit people who call this place home love it when it gets cold and the ocean becomes a frozen highway they can use to travel on their dogsleds, their “kamotik”, to get to the edge of the sea ice where they can hunt. In Greenland, a declining sled dog population is another, perhaps surprising, example of the impact of climate change in the Arctic. As sea-ice melts in the North, it becomes harder to hunt, harder to find food for both dogs and humans. I traveled through frigid temperatures with these men and their dogs to try and capture the relationship between them. For sled dogs, the mentality of the pack is strong. They are bold and independent and do not listen to just anyone. They need a powerful leader - someone who feels at much at home in this word of ice and snow as they do.

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