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Day Breaker

Northern Fjords, Norway, 2018

Just as the morning sky blazed red over Norway’s iconic fjords, I captured this image alongside my partner Paul Nicklen as a massive bull orca surged next to our boat, challenging us to a playful race. Each time his dorsal rose above the inky surface, he emitted a powerful geyser of saltwater before diving once more. This image will always remind me of the triumph I felt when our team succeeded- along with a fleet of fellow advocates and our Tide Members- in protecting the rich waters of Lofoten from oil drilling. It’s these conservation wins that fill my sails and keep me steady on our course to restoring our planet’s oceans, no matter the obstacles.

Archival Pigment Print
Edition of 6: 20in x 45in (50.8 x 114.3cm)
Edition of 6: 32in x 73in (81.3 x 185.4cm)

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