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Alley of Giants

Madagascar, 2009

As I watched the sun set over western Madagascar’s iconic “Alley of the Baobabs,” the fading light casting warm shadows on the rain-soaked earth, I felt both a deep sense of serenity and melancholy. Scientists estimate that over 200 million people worldwide will be displaced by 2050 due to climate change, and the island nation has already endured its fair share of climate-related disasters. People like the Betsimisaraka community that has settled in the shade of this ancestral grove are weathering the tempest of a rapidly warming world. As we are forced to redraw maps and brace against shifting weather patterns, it has become more crucial than ever to take strength from the beauty of our living planet.

Archival Pigment Print
Edition of 6: 20in x 30in (50.8 x 76.2cm)
Edition of 6: 32in x 48in (81.3 x 121.9cm)

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