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The Power of Giving | Art as Advocacy

As the holiday season unfurls and the spirit of generosity fills the air, I want to express how your art purchase directly uplifts and supports others.  

My goal is to blend art with action, creating a meaningful impact beyond the canvas and directly causing positive change in our world.

For my birthday this weekend, I invite you to explore the stories of remarkable individuals featured in my images whose courageous work has helped shape who I am, not only as a photographer but as a human.

Throughout my travels, I have had the opportunity to meet many amazing people. People who have dedicated their lives to causes that many would not know about without their intervention. As a photographer, I serve as a conduit for knowledge and empathy between those I photograph and the viewers.

I want my images to capture the essence of the wonderful people I have met along the way and their compelling stories- their stories of triumph, resilience, and hope.

I am committed to creating art with a profound purpose, directly supporting individuals and causes close to their hearts.


I captured this moment between a stingray and Coral Gardener founder Titouan Bernicot on the island of Mo'orea in French Polynesia. Titouan and his crew work tirelessly above and beneath the waves to preserve and rejuvenate the once-pristine reefs of French Polynesia. Proceeds of this print have allowed me to provide the Coral Gardeners with equipment, funds, and communication assets to advance their goals. By buying this print, you can bring the beauty of the underwater world into your home and directly contribute to the conservation of marine ecosystems and sustainable practices.


Ta'kaiya Blaney stands on the shores of the Salish Sea as a beacon of strength for Indigenous rights in British Columbia. As a singer-songwriter, she uses her voice and platform to advocate for indigenous rights. Hailing from the Tla'Amin First Nation, this portrait captures her fierce determination and symbolizes solidarity with the Indigenous communities she tirelessly advocates for.

I follow her closely, and whenever she calls on her followers to support the plight of indigenous people, especially indigenous women and children, I take great joy in being able to be a generous donor. Your purchase becomes a tangible expression of support for Indigenous causes close to both of our hearts.

With Open Arms | Resistance can look like many things: anger, joy, healing, and thriving. For Ta’Kaiya, it is advocating for the rights and lands of her people. For me, it is photographing native culture and identity as it exists today, free from the constructs of outsiders.

A pillar of resilience and resistance in the face of destruction, Will George fiercely protects his land and people, the Tsliel-Waututh First Nation. He is the Guardian of the Watchhouse, and along with his cousin, Sundance Chief Ruben George, they fight against the industrialization of their ancestral land and the forces that continue to colonize their traditional lands and waters. Purchasing this print helps fund the fight for environmental justice and Indigenous rights activism, turning your art collection into a canvas of resistance and resilience. Rueben has recently released a book, It Stops Here, now a national bestseller, with a portrait I made of him as the cover image. It is an immense honour, and I hope you will pick it up, as licensing fees from my art on the cover are donated back to Rubens work.


In these trying times, I understand the challenges many face. I want nothing except for everyone and our world to live, not just survive, but I also know this is a group effort. From now until midnight, November 28, all donations to SeaLegacy will go twice as far, thanks to an anonymous donor matching every gift up to $50,000. It would mean the world to me if you donated to or joined The Tide, our community of monthly donors transforming hope into action every day for our ocean, or inquired about one of my many limited edition prints so that we may uplift those who need it the most.

Your support, whether through a purchase or donation, contributes to a collective effort for a better planet. Let's strive together, and I appreciate your consideration during this meaningful season.


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