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PRESERVING OUR PLANET: A Three Book Conservation Collection

Embark on an extraordinary journey through the world's most captivating landscapes with our exclusive bundle of three one-of-a-kind books, each a treasure trove of knowledge and awe-inspiring visuals. As you delve into the heart of conservation, witness the intricate dance between humanity and the planet's precious ecosystems.



Traverse the dense jungles and explore the intrinsic link between natural world our climate in "Nature's Solutions to Climate Change." Unveiling the urgent need to harness the power of natural solutions, this book emphasizes the remarkable capacity of ecosystems to capture and store carbon over the long term. Gain a fresh perspective on the vital role nature plays in mitigating climate change, presented with clarity and urgency.


"Fresh Water" is a celebration of nature’s ecological services and demonstrates in detail how they contribute to our health, economic prosperity, and cultural values. Join us as we explain how various ecosystem services – clean water, fresh air, medicines and climate regulation – have enabled our existence on Earth and why their future – and ours – are at risk. It is not just a celebration, but also a call to arms for us to stop undercutting the life that sustains us.


Written by leading conservationists, 'Back from the Brink' highlights the successful rescue of species on the verge of extinction through collaborative efforts. Featuring awe-inspiring photographs, the book profiles 25 threatened species and recounts the stories of nearly 100, including some once thought extinct. This collection underscores the urgent need for global cooperation to preserve nature's diversity, combat climate change, and strike a balance between urban growth and natural ecosystems. The book serves as both inspiration and a reminder of our collective responsibility for a sustainable future.



This exclusive bundle offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the wonders of conservation, spanning the deep ocean, deep jungles, and the great polar regions. Indulge in these thought-provoking books that not only educate but also inspire change. This is a journey that transcends pages, connecting you to the heart of our planet's most remarkable ecosystems.

PRESERVING OUR PLANET: A Three Book Conservation Collection

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