I am reminded of all the amazing women I have met along the way. Some have names, some I never asked. On many occasions, I have given away my shoes, my reading glasses, my pens and pencils, to women who had less than I do. I have always been rewarded with so much more: gratitude, honesty, the occasional meal or cup of tea, and countless brief friendships.
— Cristina Mittermeier

I had the honor of working with the late Steve Lawson, a hero of conservation and opposition to the deforestation of old growth forest in the coast of British Columbia. Working with Reel Water Productions and with sponsorship from Sony, we filmed this short tribute to the life and work of an amazing individual. I am forever thankful for the generosity and friendship of his wife, Susanne hare and his children and grandchildren.

In this video we take a look at the work of Cristina Mittermeier, a conservation photographer who has dedicated her working life to documenting our changing environment and the roles of human communities around the world in protecting it.